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Hey! I'm Handing Over My Exact Blueprint To Becoming A Full Time Profitable Affiliate Marketer, Without 90% Of The Work It Normally Takes By Simply Using Cheap And Easy To Find PLR Content To Fuel Your Business... 

If you're ready to take a proven to profit blueprint and put it to use to build your own affiliate marketing business... the EASY way... Then stop what you're doing and grab your seat in this brand new (as of March 2023) workshop where I'll teach you my entire blueprint step-by-step that will give you the affiliate marketing success you've been searching for! In just 5 days from right now you could have this super easy system making you money as an affiliate marketer! Are you ready?

"I have been using Liz's training resources for about six months now. Her teaching style is exceptional and I have gained many insights into the IM industry that no one else is teaching. In fact, her training resources are so good that I deleted everything off my hard drive because Liz's training is all I need. I get excited every time Liz puts out a new course. Thanks very much Liz."

Phil Beattie

Hi there! I'm Liz Tomey (in just a minute I'll tell you about me and why you NEED me in your life) and welcome to the invite page for, The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop!

During this workshop I'll be teaching you how to create your very own profitable affiliate marketing business in the easiest and quickest way possible!

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best online business models you can pick! It's much more hands off and less time consuming than 99% of other online business models, and gives you much more time freedom. There is still a lot of time consuming work involved though...  

But... With this blueprint I will be teaching you in this workshop, we're going to cut 90% of the hard work out of it by using cheap and easy to find PLR (private label rights) content, and get to profiting quickly!

We will cover every single step of picking the best niche for your affiliate marketing business, what you need to run it, picking the most profitable products to promote, how to setup affiliate marketing campaigns, and even how to start getting traffic IMMEDIATELY! 

You'll watch as I build a brand new affiliate marketing business right in front of your eyes, and then you simply do what I do for yourself. This is as close to "paint by numbers" as you'll ever see.

My goal for this workshop is for you to walk away with your own profitable affiliate marketing business, and I wont quit helping and teaching you until you have it...

Here's EXACTLY what I'll cover over the next 5 days with you...

Here's Exactly What I'll Be Teaching You In The List Building With PLR Blueprint Workshop...

Day 1: Understanding The Entire Blueprint And Preparing For Success!

To ensure you’re totally setup for success we will spend the first day of this workshop going over the actual blueprint I will be teaching. I will be showing you how to pick the most profitable niche, understanding your options according to your wants, needs, and abilities, and budget (yes there are so many free and cheap options here), and so much more!

You’ll also get a planner for this day so you can use it to input exactly how you will pull off creating your affiliate marketing business. By the end of today you’ll walk away with a complete plan to ensure your success with this new business. I leave nothing uncovered because I want things crystal clear for you from the start!

Day 2: Setting Up Your Affiliate Marketing Machine

Today is going to be a big day, but if you work hard, by the end of the day you will have a complete marketing machine built that will be your entire business. 

It’s simple and easy to build and you’ll follow along with me and watch me build mine so that you can turn around and do the exact same thing.

Affiliate marketing has NEVER been this easy!

Day 3: Running Your Affiliate Marketing Machine

Once you’re affiliate marketing machine is ready, you’re going to need to know how to run it and that’s what today is all about. I’m going to show you how to put in a little work each day and pull out the profits each day.

By the end of today you’ll know exactly how to use your new affiliate marketing machine to pull in the commissions just like you see “the big boys (and girls)” doing online!

Day 4: Everything You Need To Know To Get Traffic As An Affiliate Marketer

It’s pretty simple… If you aren’t getting traffic then you aren’t ever going to make money. That’s the truth with every business model. So today, I will be showing you traffic strategies that actually WORK! I will be covering both free and paid options so that there is something for everyone and every skill level.

At the end of today, you will walk away with a traffic blueprint customized to your wants and needs and be able to start getting traffic into your affiliate marketing machine immediately!

Day 5: How To Make Your New Affiliate Marketing Business Make You Money 24/7

At this point you will have a brand new affiliate marketing business AND know how to feed it with traffic to keep it pumping out commissions for you. But what do you do now? Well, that’s what this entire day is all about.

Today I will give you a daily action plan (with checklists for each day of the week) so that you will know what to do at each and every day to keep your affiliate marketing machine making you money! You’ll walk away confident and knowing what to do for your personalized business!

Here's the deal... You don't need to know how to do ANYTHING or have any special skills to be able to build and profit from your own affiliate marketing business by following the blueprint I will be giving you in this workshop. I'm showing you how to do it ALL inside this workshop!

I've kept everything very simple, so you can actually put this all into action without having to have a ton of techy abilities and expenses or even know how.

Bottom line is this is the information you need right now to be able to create the income you WANT and have the ultimate freedom lifestyle you WANT! 

So at this point you might be thinking...

"Wow! This is the EXACT information I need, but who is the person behind this workshop and can she actually help me to succeed with this?"

Let me answer that question for you VERY quickly...

Your Fearless Leader... Liz Tomey!

Hi again... So you may be wondering just who I am if you've never heard of me. I just want to take 20 seconds and introduce myself, so you know who the lady behind the scenes is...

I'm Liz Tomey and since 2004 I've been showing people how to create online businesses to fund a life they LOVE.

I've created dozens of online businesses in over 20 different niches for myself, and I have helped 100's of people create their own successful and profitable online businesses.

I've also shown online business owners how to get traffic in various ways and several different techniques for online selling. If there's a way to get traffic or sell something online, I've probably taught it at some point over the past 18 years.

I've also been named "The Queen Of PLR" because of the amount of PLR (private label rights) content that I have created for online business owners and all my teachings on using PLR in both marketing AND profiting!

I do all my teaching via live online workshops (they're always recorded for those who can't make it live, and I'm available for questions for those who can't make it live too) where you can WATCH everything I do, and then replicate it for yourself.

This is hands down the best way for me to help people! Simply SHOW them what I'm doing, so they can do it for themselves.

These online workshops aren't just based on theory. These workshops are based on what I have tested and found to work.

And... These online workshops aren't just me talking in front of a Power Point presentation either! This is you WATCHING me on my laptop DO everything I'm teaching. You get to watch me from your computer (or phone) right over my shoulder just like you were there sitting next to me.

I don't leave any steps out, and it's why 1000's of people have come to me to learn!

Here's what just a few of my actual students have said about my teaching...

“Liz Tomey has been a great catalyst in starting my passive income career through creating and selling PLR digital products.

Her workshops and live sessions are fun to attend and always contain actionable golden nuggets and no fluff!

So if you want to learn and get started on your passive income journey, then LIZ is your Superhero!”

Kunal Barthakur


“Liz Tomey is one of the best teachers I know when it comes to learning how to start an online business in a step by step manner. I was a student a few years ago and even though I felt I was pretty knowledgeable at the time I was able to learn more and more importantly I learned the “whys” of doing things. It’s one ting to know how to do something but better to know why.

She is organized, knowledgeable, funny, sincere, honest, and was well worth my financial investment and time. Even to this day I refer back to the lessons and webinars she provided in the class. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with Liz Tomey as your mentor.”

Rick Mann

“I recently had a coaching session with Liz and I was blown away by how quickly and easily she “got me.” Her knowledge and experience in online marketing and coaching were evident as she immediately connected with where I am in my business and the next level of growth I’ve set as a goal. In just one session she helped me gain clarity and identify the direction I need to take to get to where I want to go.”

Yvonne A Jones

“Liz is one of the best coaches I know. When she teaches, she makes sure you understand what she’s talking about and will continue to explain it until you do. She backs up her patience and friendly style with an amazing knowledge of marketing and selling products. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your business, Liz Tomey is the one.”

Mike Martin

Ok, at this point, you know why you NEED this workshop... It's YOUR TURN to start making money with an easy to run and simple affiliate marketing business!

You know me now... 

You see why so many people come to learn from me...

But it doesn't stop there!

Here's what else you're going to get as an attendee of The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop...

Let's Just Talk About All The EXTRA Hands On HELP You're Going To Get And The Heart Of This Workshop...

Not only are you going to get access to all five days of The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop, but you'll also get access to the My PLR Mastermind Group where you can get quick help on anything you need, network with other attendees, even use the group to build your list, sell your products, etc. (on certain days), and have a load of fun!

I created the My PLR Mastermind Group as an add on here because I don't ever want you to feel like you're alone or that you can't get help. As online entrepreneurs sometimes we feel like we're alone. Sometimes we get stuck on something and because we don't have any help, we quit. With the My PLR Mastermind Group you'll never have these problems again!

There's always some kind of discussion going on in there, I'm in there to help you along with a lot of other super smart cookies, and we even have days where you can promote your money makers, and even "group promotions" where we're helping each other promote our money makers.

The My PLR Mastermind Group alone is worth 100X the insane price I'm charging to get access to the whole workshop, so make sure you USE this.

You'll see that this group will be invaluable to your success!

Plus You'll Also Get Unlimited Updates At No Cost!

Look, I don't just do a workshop and then I'm done... I'm constantly creating new tutorials, checklists, adding in techniques and tactics as things change, and so much more.

You'll get any and all updates that come with this workshop at no extra charge!

This is a long term full on business model I teach and I'm with you for the long term to ensure you completely understand, and can continually USE and make it work better for you on going. When new material is added (extra workshops, tutorials, resource documents, etc.) you'll be notified via email and will have access to everything.

As I said there is no additional charge for ANY updates EVER!

Here's A Recap Of Exactly What You're
Going To Get Today...

Access To The LIVE 5 Day Workshop

You’ll get full access to all 5 days of The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop and all resources, guides, workbooks, etc. that may be given out each day.

You’ll also get access to the recordings to watch whenever you want, and as often as you want!

Personal Access To Liz

Have questions during the workshop? You’ll be able to ask me live as the workshop is going. Have questions viewing the recordings of the workshop? You’ll be able to email or you can ask me via our closed door mastermind group.

You will have complete access to me to help you with anything you need help with in implementing what I’m teaching you.

Unlimited Updates

You’ll get full access to all 5 days of The List Building With PLR Blueprint Workshop and all resources, guides, workbooks, etc that may be given out each day.

You’ll also get access to the recordings to watch whenever you want, and as often as you want!

Mastermind Group Access

Our mastermind group is amazing and currently we have over 200 members who have attended my previous workshops and are attending this one.

Someone is always around to help, give feedback, or just some encouragement to keep you going. This is a great environment to learn in and make new friends with people just like you!

Attend This Workshop And Get My Entire Money Making Blueprint Handed To You!

The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop is YOUR key to success when it comes to creating an affiliate marketing business in the easiest way possible.

You will watch me build EVERYTHING! As a matter of fact I'm going to show you everything from scratch during this workshop. You'll watch LIVE as I create and launch a brand new affiliate marketing business and watch as I make money with what I'm teaching you so YOU can do the same thing!

Right in front of your eyes!

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All you have to do now is click the purchase option below that you want, so you can have access to The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop!

After purchase you'll be sent an email telling you how to attend the workshop, how to get access to the mastermind group, and all other information that you need.

And don't worry... If you have questions, you'll have access to me personally (not someone on my team or my help desk) to get the answers you need!

My guarantee to you is that I wont quit helping you until you no longer need my help. I'll be there for any questions you have and to help you do everything I'm teaching you until you are seeing PROFITS!

So click on the order option below that you want, and I'll see you on Day 1 of The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop!


1 Attendee Ticket! 

This option gives you full access to the entire LIVE The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop, the recordings, all updates, access to the My PLR Mastermind Facebook Group, any future bonuses that get added, and access to me (Liz Tomey) to help you with anything you need!

1 Attendee Ticket PLUS Full Private Label Rights!

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This option gives you full access to the entire LIVE The Affiliate Marketer's PLR Profits Blueprint Workshop, the recordings, all updates, access to the My PLR Mastermind Facebook Group, any future bonuses that get added, and access to me (Liz Tomey) to help you with anything you need!

You'll also get FULL RESELLER PLR to the entire workshop, and everything that comes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens After I Purchase?

After purchase you will be able to access the Workshop Attendee Page where you can access the entire workshop. This page will be where all of the downloads of the replays will be AND if you bought PLR to this workshop your PLR downloads will be there.

How Long Will I Have Access?

Every single day of the workshop has been recorded. You will have access to the recordings and ALL teaching aids for EACH day. You will have access for at the very least one year. The recordings aren’t going anywhere, and I will be there to answer any questions you may have for as long as you have them. You will have direct access to me along with the mastermind group.

What Are The Private Label Right Terms?

My private label right terms are pretty easy. The only thing you CAN NOT do is use my name in any of your marketing, OR give away the PLR for free. You can sell this as your own product, use it for bonuses, membership content, resell the PLR, etc.

I Have More Questions... How Can I Contact You?

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about what I'm covering in this workshop by contacting me at